Sunday, September 7, 2008

Classes start on Monday!

Whew! Sorry I haven’t updated in so long but it’s been a busy two weeks. We’ve been spending our time preparing for classes, which start tomorrow! I’ll teach English and Music and will be working for the “Girls’ Program” (more on that some other time). I’ll also spend some time organizing the various Teacher Resource rooms. Apparently a lot of teaching materials have been donated over the years, but it’s so overwhelming that the elementary school teachers (local Ecuatorianos) haven’t been taking advantage of them. I’m supposed to see what’s there, learn how to use it all, and teach teachers about the various resources. I’m excited to teach music—I had no idea they’d put me in a music classroom but I guess that’s how the proverbial cookie has crumbled. I guess I’d better beef up my guitar skills!

Yesterday we went to the Ecuador vs. Bolivia World Cup qualifier and had a blast. Latin American soccer games are exhilarating. Ecuador won, and to tell the truth it was a relief to be on the winning side. Not much vegetarian food at the stadium, but I survived on some of the tastiest roasted peanuts fifty cents can buy. Below is a photo of fellow volunteer Brandon and I in our matching Ecua jerseys.

Today we had a minga, which is sort of like an Amish barn-raising. Everyone gets together to help a family with some kind of home improvement project. We moved cinder blocks, huge wooden poles, and sand from one place to another (usually up and down hills—we are in the Andes).

A wonderful little boy from the center bought me a frozen yogurt snack for no reason and it made me feel wonderful. The kids I’ve met so far are a lot of fun. All they have to do is exist and I love them. Of course, we’ll see how long days in the classroom affect my current sentiments. I’ve been told that the first year of teaching is the most difficult, so let’s hope my patience kicks in and I don’t go crazy! I start off every morning on an hour-long bus ride to the downtown center, where I’ll start teaching at 8am. I end the day with a girls study hall that ends at 7:45pm. I get a few breaks throughout the day, so it’ll be a little bit like a college schedule (start early, end late, but there’s plenty of time for lunch).

Miss you all—we might be getting internet access in the house soon, which means I can update this bobloblaw lawblog more often and you can send me more emails (I’ll respond as best as I can!). Much love, Marian


Bernadette Matthews said...

YAYY!! i'm so happy to hear about Ecuador. everything sounds awesome, especially the music classroom! ahhh i am so happy for you :))

Ally Stoltz said...

love it love it love it

where is bob lablaw from i cannot remember but it tickled me like a former friend who only fell away because we chose different colleges....TMI??

well, idk (its high schoolian for "i don't know...I'm told), i miss you maid miriam...must be nice being in a country where peeople can finally pronounce your name.

love ya
al pal

Patrick Furlong said...


The morning shift at La Marin is the best, the kids are adorable! You better let me know if you get any of my old classes! I had the older ones last year!

You will do great as a teacher and though the kids might annoy you a little, they will still be adorable to you!

So enjoy it and you know where to go if you need any advice

mel said...

Marian! Miss you and wish you luck. They will love singing kumbaya(sp?) with you. Get them high and sing Lion King songs please!


drea said...

I miss you. Can you just drop by sometime?


Carol said...

Hi Marian,
Miss you. What a great music teacher you will be! Do you want a class set of recorders? Someone donated them to CTK and I don't know how to play them, never mind teach anyone else. Anyway, if you want them, say the word and I'll send them down.
Love to you, and say Hi to the kids from me. Love and hugs, Mom