Thursday, January 29, 2009

More ice-skating and something for Bern

Ice-skating once again. Unfortunately our class has dwindled over the year and some boys didn't show up for this particular outing. But Alex, Dario, Jorge and Alejandro thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Pure joy.

Alex is not ready for the photo.

Alex (tan jacket) fell as this one was being taken. He was holding onto Jorge and not even moving and he still fell. And then in class today he tells me I wasn't a good ice-skater. jeez...

Take two.

Jessica (fellow volunteer) with the boys.
Unfortunately her schedule changed
and she won't be teaching this class with me anymore.
Don't say anything but we're going to make her a goodbye card.

You can guess where they wanted to eat lunch.

This one's for Bern. From Good Magazine.

Wait, wait...I don't believe in killing cats.
So does that make me an alley cat ally?
Do I have to go to meetings?



1 comment:

drea said...

I love you. And yes, you are an alley cat ally now. And you must attend meetings. No exceptions.