Friday, April 17, 2009

Teatro, Mom and Dad

The English program teatro came and went. My kids did a great job and two of my classes even won the grand prize: a yogurt pack with corn flakes to mix in. Delicious, I'm told.

Girls: Animal masks and props to perform "What is it? What's it doing?"

Post-teatro soccer game with the girls. That's me after slamming a goal past an eleven-year-old.

My boys also did a great job with "A Day in the Life of Alex."

Second grade boys had the same shtick as my girls.

These two are brothers. Can you tell?
That's all for teatros. I'm nearing the end of spring break and had to end my visit with mom and dad early this morning. They arrived last friday night and we had a great week. We went to Mindo the cloud forest, Papallacta hot springs, the middle of the world (equator) and spent some time wandering around Quito. I think they had a nice time, but here's some proof:

Dad got to try the blow-dart thing at the equator.

Mindo butterfly exhibit with a little boy from the hostel (housekeeper's son) who decided he would take care of us that day.

Parents and I with Madre Cindy and Madre Miguel at the Easter Mass. During mass Dad picked up a toddler who ended up falling asleep on his lap, snoring an everything. It was precious.

Anyone else want to come visit?

Much love,


Paisley said...

those kids are adorable and that is so neat that your parents came to visit! that pic of your dad with the dart-thing is amazing.

kt said...

i want to visit! is my deadline still august?