Monday, January 4, 2010

Cuyabeno Reserve...aka the jungle

I finally went to the Amazon, specifically the Cuyabeno Reserve, located near the border of Colombia. It was incredible--I can't really describe what it was like to be in the jungle, even if it was for only a few days. The Cuyabeno River is gorgeous and we spent most of our time rowing around looking for wildlife. We briefly saw a pink river dolphin and along with tons of other birds and animals, but just being there was the best part. Here are a few photos to give you an idea...the rest of which can be found here.

See her?

On our first day we came across this sleeping anaconda.

Early morning on the Cuyabeno River

See the macaw?

The base of the big tree

The big tree

Audrey and I

The moon, the moon, in the afternoon.

The Great Egret

Squirrel Monkey who got soooo close to us. Below you can see a little more monkey business.

Giant cricket

Yikes. Truth be told, I didn't take this picture but gave my camera to the guide. Ha, you thought I got that close?

Now leaving Cuyabeno.

In Lago Agrio, the last sizeable town before Cuyabeno, they sell milk shelks.

Sorry this took so long to get online, but our power goes out unpredictably...alright, no excuses. Here it is, and happy new year!!!

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drea said...

Yay!!! But if only there were more pictures of that one beautiful gal on the right up there. She's a hottie.