Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad

A young-looking and uninterested Santa Claus.
My girls found him quite amusing.

A few things to be excited about:
  • Tomorrow I get to see my second graders receive their first communion at the Christmas mass. They're incredibly jazzed about it because they get to be in the spotlight.
  • In two days I'll be leaving for the coast: Canoa, Puerto Lopez, Isla de Plata, and MontaƱita for New Years.

In other news, we went ice-skating! A few other volunteers and I took our kids to the "Ice Palace" and we had a blast. Thanks so much for the donations that helped me make this trip. I took my girls ice-skating and gave my other classes Christmas parties--I'm planning on taking some boys skating in January because I couldn't quite do it all this month. Some photos below...

Ivis mid-fall with fellow volunteer Laurita

Andres and Colin were a big help...

The Andres-Tatiana series

Tatiana had quite a bit of trouble...

The Centro Infantil (pre-kindergarten age kids) put on a Christmas show and it was outrageous. Between the costumes, singing, dancing and messed up lines it was like something out of a movie. Por ejemplo, the kid who played the angel who visits Mary to tell her the big news kept saying, "Maria, llena eres de grasa" (which means Mary, full of fat) instead of "Maria, llena eres de gracia" (full of grace). It was the perfect kind of cute, everyone was cracking up and the kid just kept going with it.

And then the one-year-old kids came out in these Christmas tree outfits to can't see it but the second from the right started crying after about a minute of waving her chubby little arms. Poor thing but so very cute.

I would love to be able to see everyone now but I feel like I'm in the right place. Love and miss you all--take care during the holidays and let me know how your lives are going!

love, Marian

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