Monday, May 31, 2010

The Andes

Nothing particularly exciting happened in the months of April and May, so I let the blog slide a bit. Not to worry, though, as I've come back with photos of a fantastic trip through the sierra (Andes mountains) through Quito-Riobamba-Guamote-Alausí-Cuenca.

Early morning start in Riobamba where we boarded the autoferro, pretty much a bus that's been converted into a train car. If you look closely you can see mount Chimborazo in the back.

The volcano Tungurahua erupted the day we left Quito and was still erupting when we left Riobamba the next day. See it?

There's Chimborazo and some lovely countryside.

Church in one of the plazas in Cuenca.

Ancient terraced hill made by the Cañaris (pre-Incan folk).

A view of Cuenca.

River running through the city.

"The rumor of the river. Old books and marvelously useless things." My travel partner suggested I be in a picture with this sign. I didn't get it at first.

And on the plane ride home, a stunning view of mount Cotopaxi.

I arrived back to Quito today and have a meeting for work in the afternoon. Tomorrow I start the first day of my last teaching cycle. Wish me luck!

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