Sunday, July 4, 2010


I travelled to the "valley of longevity" with Mary, Tasha, and Chrissy. Vilcabamba is known for its elderly population. Something in the water, they say, gives folks the ability to live longer (we're talking 100, even 130 years old as the legend goes, though I don't know if that's true or just a little local embellishment. Do I really care? No, because everyone in town is so proud of the 130-year-old man.)

Beautiful sierra, much different from Quito. Hiking, horseback riding (galloping, really. I was scared...) pool lounging, World Cup watching. It was a great vacation.

Chrissy asked me to join her for open mic night at a bar, so I did. Our fans included 5 friends and the bartender.

That's all for know. Wish me luck in my last weeks. I return on July 29 and though I'm excited to see family and friends, it's going to be hard to leave. More thoughts on that later...

Oh yeah, ¡Feliz 4th of July!

much love, M


Ecuatraveler said...

Sounds like an excellent trip. Your photos are great. For more excellent horseback adventures, check out Hacienda Zuleta Hacienda Zuleta - Ecuador Eco Lodge and Working Farm.

Ondrayuh said...

You're beautiful. I promise I'll make coming home worth you're while (wink wink).


love you lots, and miss you more than you know.